Waterbius VI
Waterbius ¬∣\∣
Political Data
Full Title 4th Emperor of the Waterbien Shraak Prime Empire, Emperor Waterbius ¬∣\∣ the Great
Was emperor between 2563ce - incumbent
Lieutenent Any of the planetary governors
Preceded by Waterbius ¬∣
Succeded by Incumbent
Pre-Political Data
Pre-political career None
Emperor at time Waterbius ¬ and Waterbius ¬∣
Personal Data
Born Teres Oken, 2553ce in Waterbe City, currently aged 12 waterbe years, 2 waterbe months and 7 waterbe days.
Province of birth Waterbe City Province
Spouse(s) N/A
Signature File:Waterbius ¬∣\∣ Signature.png

Waterbius ¬|\| is the current political leader of the Waterbe Empire. His eyes are located further back on his head than the average Waterbe, and he has many screens embedded in his skin. All of his senses have been replaced with artifical versions compatible with his robot avatar. His intelligence is so high because he can access the Waterbius Servers to answer a question directly, simply by thinking of a question.

Early LifeEdit

Waterbius ¬|\| was born in Waterbe City State, similar to many of his ancestors and other former political leaders of Unistarch. Studies show that his family originated from the state of Valena. He spent a large amount of time living there in his childhood and part of his education took part there.

He was very advanced in politics during his childhood. It is widely known that by the age of four waterbe years, he was able to make a political simulator that some described as 'close enough to the real thing'. He mainly taught himself about politics, however also got formally recognised as an expert in politics.

Political CareerEdit

Waterbius ¬|\| widely regards the Waterbien public to be 'poorly-informed and lacking in expertise'. He believes that all planning should be done by experts.

Very few of his political decisions are actually being made by him personally. Instead, most of his decisious are being carried out by intellegent AIs connected to the main Waterbius Servers. These AIs were made using a combination of private engineers hired directly by Waterbius ¬|\| and their own self improvement cycle. They are guided by Waterbius ¬|\| athough are by no means controlled by him.

He also rarely addresses individuals directly. Instead, he uses AI versions of himself (also self-improving and connected to the Waterbius Servers). Even to those he does address directly, even with his own family, he does not ever meet them in person. Instead he communicates to them through the Waterbe Internet using a complex system of neuro-chips designed specifically for him. This doesn't make a difference to those talking to him, as the high level of immersion makes it feel like they are meeting him in person.

His permament residence is the an underground chamber directly below the Waterbe Palace. It is buried beneath around 7.5 ECac of concrete. It is very luxurious, with the walls, floor and ceiling being advanced voice- and mind- controlled touchscreens that can simulate any place on Unistarch through the use of CCTV embedded in walls. Through a computer terminal, he can request practically any item and have it produced by a specially-designed factory and delivered.

To go outside, he uses a robotic avatar which looks very similar to the 'perfect' Waterbe described in the writings of Kaaga Grangka. This is no coincidence - Waterbius ¬|\| personally requested his robot to be modelled off the Perfect Waterbe. This robot, when in use, transmits data directly into Waterbius' artificial senses.