Fusion is a growing industry in Unistarch, and is also quite recent, with all major progress being made in the last five waterbe years. Even then, it was only achieved due to optimistic policies made by Waterbius ¬∣\∣ which involved building many reactors at the same time, despite the fact that making them in sequence would allow more testing. This paid off, though, as commercial fusion is now available.


The first 'true' fusion power plant, WACS (Waterbe Altero Certagon Supellectigadeus), started construction in 2553ce and went online in 2556ce. It was then shut down in 2563ce after 7 waterbe years of successful tests, generating around ten times more energy than was put in. These allowed a series of WEPCS (Waterbe Eventitas Provectodos Commercitor Supellectigadeus) to be constructed, starting at 2561ce to replace the less efficient WACS. The WEPCS were expanded into the Solar Fusion Reactors based on previous experiments in 2563ce.