Waterbien is the main and official language of the Waterbe Empire, and also the most commonly used one.


The Waterbe have many tenses, which are signified by the suffix of the action (an action being a noun that denotes an event, such as war). For example, the root event abbant (meaning war) becomes abbantis when referring to the past.

Whilst it may seem some normal nouns obey the tense laws, this has no meaning as nouns do not have tense applied with them, instead the tense of the noun is implied by the action.

There are three forms of tense: simple, conditional and progressive. Simple means that the timeframe is true, conditional means that the timeframe may be true and progressive means it is true across the present as well (and so there is no progressive present).

Tense Based Suffix TableEdit

Suffix Explanation
Simple Past -is It happened at some point in the past
Timeless -um It is not happening at any specific time
Conditional Past -us It could have happened in the past
Simple Future -eu It will happen in the future
Conditional Future -u It could happen in the future
Simple Present -ade It is happening right now
Conditional Present -ude It could happen right now
Progressive Past -os It started in the past and is still happening
Progressive Future -o It is in the present and will continue