Waterbe Unit Equivalant in SI units Symbol
Waterbe Meter (Unactan) 1.5m ac
Waterbe Mass (Unglans) 82.47kg gl
Waterbe Weights (Unondans) 809 newtons on


The Waterbe add prefixes to units, going up in units of 100 (that is, going two orders of magnitude up or down will change the prefix). These prefixes are based of the numbers.

Prefix Multiple
ét- One 100 millionth
éd- One millionth
éu- One 10 thousandth
ec- One hundredth
(none) One
EC- One hundred
ÉU- 10 thousand
ÉD- 1 million
ÉT- 100 million
ÉK- 10 billion
ÉQ- 1 trillion
ÉS 100 trillion
ÉE 10 quadrillion
ÉO 1 quintillion