Waterbe Numerals are the main way to write down numbers in the Waterbe Empire.

They are simpler than most number systems, with only four symbols that can represent any number. These are the first ten numbers in Waterbe Numerals:

  • ∣ is 1
  • ∣\∣ is 2
  • ∣\∣\∣ is 3
  • ¬ is 4

This continues until 9, using a combination of the above numbers added together. For example, ¬¬∣ is 9 (4+4+1).

For numbers greater than 9, a new symbol is adopted: the /. This seperates the digits in the Waterbe's base 10 number system, so 55 becomes ¬∣ / ¬∣ [(4+1)*10 + (4+1)*1].

Fractions of one are written in brackets, so 44.96 is ¬ / ¬(¬¬∣ / ¬∣\∣).

Finally, negative numbers are the same, but with a : at the start. So -22 is :∣\∣ / ∣\∣.

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