The Waterbe, being a large, non-communist empire, have a class system. Within each class is inticrate subclasses based on various professions.

Blue-Class WorkersEdit

Blue class workers are the lowest class, and their jobs are based on manual labour. They are paid the least as well, usually below 100 WCU/waterbe year.

They are often used to make infrastructure to aid the higher classes.

Lime-Class WarriorsEdit

Lime class warriors are middle class, and their jobs are based on fighting and military jobs. They are paid quite a lot, as the warrior-like Waterbe believe that a strong military is a symbol of a strong nation.

Aqua-Class ScientistsEdit

The aqua class scientists are the backbone of research. Their position in the social structure is highly variable with some rare cutting edge military scientists being able to earn thousands of waterbe currency units.

Green-Class EngineersEdit

Green class engineers are like the blue class workers, however with an emphasis on designing things rather than building them. That is why they earn much more.

Black-Class EliteEdit

Black class elite are the highest class in the waterbe social structure, being paid well above 200 WCU/waterbe year. Every class below them obeys them.