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Waterbe Empire
Waterbe Flag
Inhabitant Species Waterbe
Average Height 1 unactan
Average Weight 1 unondan
Hair Colour No hair
Eye Colour Red pupils
Skin Colour sandy brown
No. of arms 2
No. of legs 2
Average Strength 1.2 × human average
Average Intelligence 0.6 × human average
Communication Methods Language-based
Becomes infant at... 0 waterbe years
Becomes child at... 1 waterbe year
Becomes adolescent (teenager) at... 2 waterbe years
Becomes adult at... 4 waterbe years
Becomes old at... 13 waterbe years
Personality/mentality Aggressive
Type of religion Monotheist
Main God (if applicable) Domini Caritas
Worship type Prayer
Location of worship Shrine
Who worships? An individual
Main "commandments" Disorder the universe if it is the will of the domini caritas
Civilization Class Type ∣: Interterrestrial Society
Government Type Fascist Oligarchy
Chief of State Waterbius VI


Capital City Waterbe City
Size Four planets in one system
Formation One capital, 35 billion inhabitants

Two outposts, 100 million inhabitants

One space station, 40 inhabitants

One mining base, 12 inhabitants

Population 35.1 Billion
Largest City Waterbe City
Official Language Waterbien
Anthem Abbantis Vellum

(Our Father's War)

Averaqe Lifespan 12.39 waterbe years
Population Growth Rate 1.625% per waterbe year
Name of language Waterbien
Common phrases Gaus Statem Orbas / Happy Birthday
Location of education State-run schools
Restrictions on education Blue-class workers have an altered ediucation
Purpose of education Preparation for job
Most popular form of entertainment Games
Most popular team sport {{{popular team sport}}}
Most popular sport {{{popular sport}}}
Most popular drug {{{popular drug}}}
Other forms of entertainment {{{other entertainment}}}
Fastest commercial transport Spaceflight
Fastest military transport Teleportation
Fastest industrial transport Spaceflight
Close ranged weapons Energy claws, energy swords
Long ranged weapons Missile launchers, plasma guns
Vehicle weapons Antimatter bombs, glassing lasers
Writing-based technology Almost purely digital
Long-ranged communications technology Radio waves
Current era Cybernetic age
Currency Name Waterbe Currency Units
Currency type Credit-based
Measurement System Waterbe Standard Units
Notable resources Waterbe, information, culture
Most valuable resource Hardinium crystal clusters
Main energy source Hydrogen -> Iron fusion
Primary Imports Food


Primary Exports Waterbepower (workers etc.)
Economy type Corporatism