In WRPS, food is found in the form of 'X kgs of rations', with X being a number. Each character will require a certain number of kilograms of rations per day, depending on which skills the character has used and when.

The rations requirement for each skill is available on each skill's page. The total ration requirement from all skills used is added onto a base ration requirement of 0.03a, where a is your character's agility.

Multiply the rations requirement by ten if the character is warm blooded.

Food to kgs of Rations converterEdit

To find out how many kgs of rations a food is equal to, use this converter:

Food Equivalent in kgs of Rations
1 kg of fish 1 kg
1 kg of meat 1.42 kg
1kg of vegetables 0.28 kg
1kg of fruit 0.47 kg
1kg of eggs 1.04 kg

So, for example, if a player was carrying 0.54 kg of vegetables, 2 kg of meat and 0.1 kg of eggs, that would equal 3.095 kg of rations.