This article is not part of the Waterbe universe, instead showing OOC data.

The Waterbe Role Playing System (WRPS) is a way for readers of this website to 'simulate' being a waterbe. It is a pen-and-paper role playing system, like dungeons and dragons, and so involves many dice rolls. Anyone can contribute to this by adding skills, describing attributes and other things.

Introduction to RPGsEdit

Though WRPS is similar to many other roll playing games, here verious game concepts will be described.

There are three types of character in an RPG, such as WRPS:

  • The Game Master. This person does not have an in-game character, but determines what happens.
  • Player Characters. A player of the game will control one of these. At the start of each turn, every player may choose one (or more, if the game master says you can) action that their player can do. The game master will then roll dice according to the rules below to determine whether your character succeeds.
  • Non Player Characters: These characters are controlled by the game master. They can range from monsters that attack your player to political leaders and guides.

Game MechanicsEdit

These game mechanics act as a guidline for the game master, and also for the players.