Valena was one of the provinces that the first Waterbien empire was made up of, along with Vallum. It was one of the Grassland States, and enjoyed a rich trade history even before the alliance with Vallum and the eventual formation of the Waterbe Empire.

Another notable fact about Valena is that it was the home of the ancestors of Waterbius ¬|\|, and was also his home during his childhood. Due to this, a great monument has been created known as the Waterbius ¬|\| Monument.

It was also the home of various other famous Waterbe like Feltz Sunnevica and Corena Halle.


Valena is rich in various trade minerals, including large underground deposits of protium-containing chemicals. This makes it one of the central areas in the Protium Grid, and also contains some of the largest protium refineries in the whole of Unistarch, including Protium Refinery I.