Waterbe Tech Tiers are a way of judging the overall technological advancement of a species. Each tech tier is also split into a series of subtiers.

Tech Tier 0 - NonsentientEdit

The first tech tier, nonsentient, covers a lot of history. This tier ranges all the way back to the most primitive single-celled organisms all the way to just before the tribal age.

Transportation Technique On foot, swimming, flight
Typical Territory Up to ~10km2
Typical Technology None other than their own bodies
Power Sources None other than their own bodies

Tier 0: Genetic Bubbles, ProtocellsEdit

The first subtier is simply bubbles containing genetic material. This category also includes protocells, similar to those produced on early Unistarch.

Tier 0.1: ProkaryotesEdit

Tier 0.1 contains simple cells, with only a nucleus and very few organelles. The genetic material in these cells is able to replicate successfully most of the time, and can get energy from the sun (photosynthesise).

Tech Tier 1 - Tool-usingEdit

Transportation Technique On foot, swimming, flight
Typical Territory Up to ~10km2
Typical Technology Simple machines e.g. inclined plane, lever
Power Sources None other than their own bodies

Tech Tier 2 - Biomass PowerEdit

Transportation Technique Animal riding, sailboats, row boats
Typical Territory
Typical Technology Animal husbandry, agriculture, simple metallurgy, pottery
Power Sources Animal power, burning plants

Tech Tier 3 - Solar/Wind/Geothermal/Water PowerEdit

Transportation Technique Animal riding, sailboats
Typical Territory Up to 1 continent
Typical Technology Organised education, glass, tiled roofs, navigation (compass/clock)
Power Sources Solar thermal, mechanical wind power, crude geothermal power, mechanical wave power

Tech Tier 5 - Fossil Fuel/Electric PowerEdit

Transportation Technique Cars, steamships, motorboats, airships
Typical Territory Up to 1 planet
Typical Technology Internal combustion, radio, telephone, powered flight, primitive rocketry, primitive computers
Power Sources Coal, oil, gas, electrical wind/geothermal/solar/wave power

Tech Tier 6 - Nuclear powerEdit

Transportation Technique Airliners, cars, motorboats
Typical Territory 1 planet, tiny colonies on other planets
Typical Technology Internal combustion, primitive interplanetary travel, AI, primitive quantum computers, carbon nanotubes, primitive graphen computers, nanotechnology
Power Sources Nuclear fission, coal, oil, gas, electrical wind/geothermal/solar/wave power, fusion experiments

Tech Tier 7 - Fusion powerEdit

Transportation Technique Spaceplanes, space elevator, supersonic airliners, airships, motorboats, cars
Typical Territory Up to a single solar system
Typical Technology Quantum compution, ioncraft/solar sails/nuclear spacecraft, metamaterials, picotechnology
Power Sources Large scale electrical solar/wind power, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion

Tech Tier 8 - Antimatter powerEdit

Transportation Technique Nuclear pulse spacecraft, teleportation, hovercars
Typical Territory 2-4,000 star systems
Typical Technology Force fields, nuclear pulse propulsion, super-advance androids, large-scale space stations, matter replication, femtotechnology, terraforming, transsentience
Power Sources Antimatter, nuclear fusion, large scale electrical solar power

Tech Tier 9 - Exotic matter powerEdit

Transportation Technique Warp drive, wormholes, teleportaion
Typical Territory Up to an entire galaxy
Typical Technology Star lifting, string manipulation, pan-galactic computers
Power Sources Dyson spheres, black holes, exotic matter

Tech Tier 10 - True perpertual motion machinesEdit

Tech Tier ? - Truly alien power sourceEdit