Shrabis A-b is a small icy chunk orbiting 80 AU away from Shrabis A, taking a massive 187.27 waterbe years just to complete one orbit, which has an eccentricity of 0.15. It is 400 km in radius with a density of 0.14 times Earth's, and despite being incredibly small, it has a single moon known as Shrabis A-b|\|. These tiny dimentions give it a mass of just 0.00004 times Unistarch's, a gravity of 0.07 m/s2, and an escape velocity of 223.6 m/s. The tiny gravit makes it unsuprising that it has no atmosphere at all.

The day of Shrabis A-b is also quite long, lasting four days. The axis of the planet is tilted 198.2 degrees because of a large meteor impact early in the planets formation. This means the four-day rotation is retrograde.

Inside, Shrabis A-b is not split into different layers like the larger chunk Shrabis A-a, but insead is just a solid lump of ice with no discernible core.

Due to the icyness and the tiny size of it, no tectonic activity originating from the chunk itself ever occurs. Small earthquakes are often felt, though, during metor showers and other similar events.

On the surface, the temperature is even colder than Shrabis A-a, at a frigid -247 degress celcius. This makes it an even worse target for colonisation than its larger cousin.