Shrabis A-a is an icy chunk orbiting the yellow star Shrabis A, in an orbit that takes 8.27 waterbe years with an eccentricity of 0.02. It has a radius of 1000 km and a density of 1.93 g/cm3. This means it has a mass of 0.009 times that of Unistarch and a surface gravity of just 2.79 m/s2.

The rotation of Shrabis A-a is quite fast, as it takes 16 hours to rotate at a inclination of 56.8 degress. Due to the non-metallic core, though, it has no magnetic field.

Within Shrabis A-a, most of the planet is ice, with a small rocky core. In the lower mantle, there are some patches of liquid water. This is because of radioactive decay still occuring in the rocky core. Only certain places in the matle are actually liquid, though.

Despite liquid water in the lower mantle, there is no such water on the surface, which has a frigid temperature of -200 degress celcius. This, coupled with the lack of atmosphere, makes it a poor target for colonisation.