Waterbe Shraak III Globe

Shraak III as seen from space.

Shraak ∣\∣
Galactic Coordinates ¬¬.◖.∣\∣
Region Sector ¬¬
System Shraak System
Sun(s) Shraak Prime
Moon(s) None
Planet Type Terrestrial
Length of Year {{{Year Length}}}
Length of Day {{{Day Length}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}} km
Density {{{Density}}} x Earth Density
Mass {{{Mass}}}
Orbital Eccentricity' {{{Eccentricity}}}
Axial Tilt {{{Axial Tilt}}}
Atmosphere Compound ¬∣\∣ ○ ∣\∣ ○○ ¬¬, Element ¬¬
Terrain Grasslands and forests
Native Species Shraak III Flora, Shraak III Animals
Immigrated Species Waterbe
Primary Language Waterbien
Population 98.5 million Waterbe
Major Cities Waterbe Mining Base Unistarch
Government/Alliances Waterbe Empire

Shraak III is the third planet from Shraak Prime and is relatively hospitable. It has an oxygen rich atmosphere and a wide variety of plant life. The planet's axis is tilted so there are seasons. There are no sentient species native to Shraak III, although there are many animals, and the Waterbe have colonized the planet. They have built several beautiful cities scattered across two of the planet's five contenents. Like Shraak II, Shraak III has a representative to Unistarch who makes decisions about Shraak III's welfare. The current representative is Corena Halle, ands she resides in the planet's capital city, Relgrath, which was built partially underwater. Shraak III's soil is very fertile, so many of the planet's citizens are farmers. Shraak III already supplies most of Unistarch with food and is looking at exporting foodstuffs to other systems.

There are several major spaceports located on Shraak III as well, built mainly to handle the fleet of Waterbe Delivery Trucks that constantly ferry food and resources between Unistarch and Shraak III.

Aside from farming, the planet is also rich in a few rare minerals,which are mined and exported.

This is also the planet where the Waterbe found the jump drive blueprints, and the site where the Jump Drive was located has become a huge monument.