Waterbe Shraak II Globe

Shraak II as seen from space.

Shraak ∣\∣
Galactic Coordinates ¬¬.◖.∣\∣
Region Sector ¬¬
System Shraak System
Sun(s) Shraak Prime
Moon(s) None
Planet Type Martian
Length of Year {{{Year Length}}}
Length of Day {{{Day Length}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}} km
Density {{{Density}}} x Earth Density
Mass {{{Mass}}}
Orbital Eccentricity' {{{Eccentricity}}}
Axial Tilt {{{Axial Tilt}}}
Atmosphere Compound ¬∣\∣ ○ ∣\∣ ○○ ¬¬, Compound ¬∣\∣ ○ ¬¬
Terrain Rock, Yellow algae mats
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Waterbe, Waterbien Algae
Primary Language Waterbien
Population 1.5 million Waterbe
Major Cities Daterbe City
Government/Alliances Waterbe Empire

Shraak II is the second planet from Shraak Prime, and is barren like Shraak I, but has a thinner atmosphere and its volcanos have been dormant for centuries. The Waterbe have settled Shraak II, but due to its toxic atmosphere, they live in bio-domes scattered throughout the Daterbe Valley along the planet's equator, which is protected from the harsh winds that scour the surface. Efforts have been made to terraform the planet, but progress is slow, and so far only part of the Daterbe Valley has any plants growing in the open air. Statistics say it will take 215 more Waterbe years to completely terraform the planet. Many think they should concentrate on terraforming their own planet's deserts before terraforming another planet.

There are some mineral deposits on the planet and some water vapour in the atmosphere that, if condensed, would form oceans. That is one goal in terraforming Shraak II.

There are approximately 1.5 million living on the planet, a good portion of them scientists or engineers. There are also many pioneers looking for a new life. There is a representative from Shraak II that meets with the Waterbius ¬|\| via advanced virtual reality to make decisions about the wellbeing for the planet and its denizens. The current representative is Shisten Kalver. He resides in the 'capital bio-dome', Daterbe City.