Shraak ∣
Galactic Coordinates ¬¬.◖.∣
Region Sector ¬¬
System Shraak System
Sun(s) Shraak Prime
Moon(s) Javvin
Planet Type Venusian
Length of Year 0.03 years
Length of Day 0.045 years
Radius 5100 km
Density 1.1 x Earth Density
Mass 0.56 x Earth Mass
Orbital Eccentricity' 0.21
Axial Tilt ~0 degrees
Atmosphere Compound ¬∣\∣ ○ ∣\∣ ○○ ¬¬
Terrain Rock, Lava Flows
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Waterbe
Primary Language Waterbien
Population 12 Waterbe
Major Cities Waterbe Mining Base Unistarch
Government/Alliances Waterbe Empire

Shraak | is the closest planet to Shraak Prime. It is an inhospitable, barren planet covered with vocanos and lava flows. It has thick cloud cover, causing the planet to have a high temperature. The planet's axis does not tilt, so there are no seasons. Recently, scientists have discovered high quantities of the mineral tritanold on Shraak |, and have built a mining facility on the planet's surface known as Waterbe Mining Colony Unistarch. Other than the tritanold, though, the planet is relatively unimportant. There is a small moon orbiting Shraak |, an asteroid caught by the planet's gravity, that astronomers have dubbed 'Javvin'.

Moons of Shraak |Edit

Name of Moon Radius of Moon Distance of Moon Mass of Moon
Javvin 60 km 28,050 km 5.8 × 10-7 Earth Masses