Offical Name Sectona ∣ é ◗
Unofficial Name Sectona positum


Chemical Formula
Appearance colorless
Density 0.0007267 gl/ac3
Melting Point 14.01 K
Boiling Point 20.28 K
Main Hazards Highly flammable
Effects of ingestion/inhalation Asphyxia

Protium (officialy called sectona | é ◗ according to WHSI Elemental Nomenclature, sometimes called sectona positum or just positum) is the lightest element known to Waterbe, apart from Neutronium. It is used in worship in the form of protic acid. Its most important aspect is that if it is burned whilst suspended in a mixture of Element ¬¬ and Element ¬∣\∣\∣, it produces water. It is theorised this is where the original oceans of Unistarch came from.

It is very rare in the atmosphere of Unistarch, because it is so light it floats up to the top of the atmosphere where it is swept into space by the Shraak Primean Wind. This makes it quite expensive to harvest, so most is produced artificially by giving water enough energy to free the protium.

The Protium GridEdit

The protium grid is a massive project undertaken by the Waterbe Empire to create a global source of inexpensive protium, and currently is working very well.