Before there was life on Unistarch , the sky was a concoction of chemicals that would certainly be considered lethal to a Waterbe today.

However, due to the atmosphere containing many organic compounds, the chemicals were able to combine into more complex animo acids.

Chemical reactions taking place have been proved to have made pools of water on the surface of Unistarch opaque and dark green. This would have protected these animo acids from being broken down by Shaak Primean radiation.

The smallest of the dark green pools, some barely puddles in size, would be the place where life on Unistarch started. As the water in these puddles evaporated, the animo acids got more and more concentrated. These concentrated solutions were ideal for proteins to be formed.

Only puddles in very specific places were actually able to become the first life; these places must be heated to above boiling temperature. The heat allowed the first proteins to combine into organised units. Another jump of progess, and cells with genetics cabable of reproducing and evolving came into being.