Waterbe Fusion Island

A small Waterbe Fusion Island. They are modular and can connect together.

A fusion island is a massive ship that roams the seas of Unistarch. It was invented by Waterbien engineers to solve the growing population problem of Unistarch.

Structural AnalysisEdit

The centerpiece of the fusion island, and its namesake, is the fusion power plant. This is kept within the ship and generates power. This power is then stored and sent back to the unistarchean electricity grid or used to fuel the fusion island.

Surrounding the fusion plant are houses. These houses contain Waterbe born on the fusion island, and pioneers looking for a new life on the seas. These houses are usually minimalistic, with the rooms containing only a bed, a computer and storage for food.

All food on the fusion ships is made by mobile fish factories. These are attached to the fusion island and often make surplus fish which can be sent back to the cities on the mainland.