Chompoid Planet

Dółobdtwo as viewed from space

Dółobdtwo is the only habitable planet in the Błysny Dyrąg System. It contains a diverse range of reptillian, insectoid and plantlike life in it's huge, mainly unexplored forests. Despite these forests, the Chompoids have almost full control over the planet.

Life forms in the forestEdit

Dółobdtwo Food Chain

Food chain of Dółobdtwo

  • Piłads, small ball shaped insects which jump between plants.
  • Piłtas, tiny reptiles with round shaped mouths which prey on the piłads.
  • Przystas, small bipedal lizards that eat piłtas and kwidis.
  • Kwidis, tiny reptiles that are found basking upon large flowers.
  • Kwizaćsies, flowers with thick stems able to support the weight of many kwidis.
  • Środzews, shrubs with wide root systems to prevent themselves from getting trampled.
  • Dzinisks, hopping creatures which use their beaks to take leaves and twigs from the środzews. They live in hollows in the wysewos.
  • Grybkies, a medium-sized reptile that preys on the dzinisks.
  • Wysewos, tall trees with hollows inhabited by dzinisks.
  • Dłuyis, long necked herbivores that eat wysewos.
  • Duźćs, large bipedal carnviores that hunt dłuyis in packs.
  • Litowies, huge plants with many leaves.
  • Ziockas, huge tentacled creatures that strip the leaves off litowies.
  • Śmitias, small bipeds that feed on dead and rotting animals.