This page is a guide to creating a character. It can be used by a game master (to make some non-player characters) or by a player (to make their player character)

Step 1: Choose A SpeciesEdit

To determine the physical traits and skills of a character, you must first decide on a species. Whilst the species you can play as is down to the game master, there is a list of species in Species in WRPS.

The attributes shown there are based on the Waterbe average, which is 5 for each attribute.

Now that you have the basic attributes, you can adjust them to make your player (keeping the total below the maxiumum shown on the page, unless the game master says that you can have higher attributes). Or, you could let the game master decide by rolling dice.

Step 2: Decide on a pastEdit

The past of a character determines what skills they will have.

Firstly, a character always has 4 skill points. This is their 'natural aptitude'. This can be spread across any skill. An education path can then be chosen. The following education paths are available:

Step 3: Choose your equipment and skillsEdit

Step 4: Where to go nextEdit

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