Compound ¬|\| ○ |\| ○○ ¬¬ (Meaning Compound 6 + 2 × 8, the numbers refering to the protons in its consitutant elements) is the fourth most common compound in the atmosphere of Unistarch, after water. It is of particular interest to scientists because it can absorb low-energy γ particles and emit them again, producing heat. This additional heat has become an ecological concern, and was first addressed in 2541ce.

It is useful for many things involving pressurised gas, as it is not flammable and so can be easily and safely stored at high pressures by the Waterbe. It is found in incredibly high abundances on Shraak I becuase of the huge amount of volcanos on its surface, and also due to the lack of plant life or any other process that can store compound ¬|\| ○ |\| ○○ ¬¬. Waterbein scientists, such as Vitam Virduze, have used Shraak I as an example of how much of a problem compound ¬|\| ○ |\| ○○ ¬¬ is. Other scientists, the most prominent of which is Dilteme Crudidas, disagree, saying that due to the continued industry of Unistarch, plant life has flourished and that reducing the amount of compound ¬|\| ○ |\| ○○ ¬¬ would cool down Unistarch suffiently to cause a mass extinction greater than the waterbetas neu that is currently occuring. Dilteme himself refers to this hypothetical extinction as the congcetas neu (meaning 'great death of the age of ice').