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Name of Species Chompoid
Population 8.056 billion
Average Weight {{{weight}}}
Average Height {{{height}}}
Major Gatherings Nieoniczy Graza
Language Chompsan
Religion Chomptian
Technology Tier
Current Production {{{current production}}}

The Chompers are a sentient race living in the Waterbe galaxy. Their civilisation is about 27,500 light years away from the Waterbe's civilisation, so a first contact is many years away for either. They live in a system they call the Błysny Dyrąg System (meaning shining disc), on a planet called Dółobdtwo (meaning valley of plenty). There are 8.056 billion Chompoids.


The Chomper Language is easy to pronounce, they make it so the baby's can learn this language faster.

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