Shraak Prime {{{image}}}
Spectral Class G2V
Luminosity 1 shraak luminosities (1.09 × sol)
Mass 1 shraak masses (1.02 × sol)
Surface Temperature 5800 K
Radius 1 shraak radii (1 × sol)
Age 1.2 billion Waterbe years

Political AnalysisEdit

The star system is claimed to be Waterbe territory, and is so governed by the Waterbe empire. The leader of the Waterbe empire is named Waterbius VI (waterbe have the tradition of naming leaders after the species). Their main language is known as Waterbien and is standard across the empire. The Waterbe have not yet communicated with any alien life, but they have picked up static traced to various systems in Sector ¬¬ and its immediate neighbourhood.

Military AnalysisEdit

The Waterbe, being a military race by nature, have an extensive military force stationed across the Shraak System. Grey Ropes are 4.064 waterbe meter long chains of nanobots that can organise themselves to constrict and crush relatively strong objects.

A robot fly weighs 0.00000048507 waterbe masses and carries lethal poison that can kill a Waterbe.

Gamma turrets fire gamma rays which give a fatal dose of radiation to anything that it is fired at.

The military force includes:

  • 164,042 Grey Ropes
  • 3.5 million robot flies
  • 534 gamma turrets
  • 133.6 million foot soldiers
  • 1,052,000 ground vehicles
  • 231,200 fusion-catalysed fission bombs
  • 50,150 air vehicles
  • 4,790 sea vehicles

Planetary AnalysisEdit

Shraak Prime has 8 planets, one of which has had its atmosphere destroyed via an unknown means.

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