The Caritas summum is the state religion of the Waterbe Empire. With the caritatis legibus (laws of charity), it is now mandatory to be faithful. The core beliefs are that one day the domini caritas (lords of charity) will return to Unistarch to claim it as their own. Since 1600 ce all the way up to the present day (2565 ce), this event has been called Judgement day.

It is also in their belief that there is only a single lord of charity, except the mind of this being is a combination of all possible minds

Caritas Summum


897ce, The Dictator of the Waterbe Grassland States claims to have had a vision, where the domini caritas (Lords of Charity) tell him that in the distant future, they will come down to Unistarch and claim their land. In the meantime, they had commanded him to lead the Waterbe Empire to a moral life, so he claimed divine rights. At first the Waterbien general public were sceptical, but in around 10 waterbe years time over 75% were devout believers.

Conflict and Struggle

1750ce, and the Waterbe Empire was starting to loose faith. They said that Judgement Day (when the gods claim Unistarch) was past it's deadline and stopped believing. An atheist revolution is implemented and overthrows the Ordo Caritatis (order of charity). Only 15% stay faithful.

Return to Power

2002ce, the Waterbien public grow tired of the atheist government, and overthrow it. It is replaced with the Ordo Charitatis. 74% are faithful.

Caritatis legibus (laws of charity)

2553ce, the laws of charity are implemented, which make it mandatory to be faithful to the Caritas summum. 97% are faithful.


To appese the domini caritas, the Waterbien public perform rituals twice every day. A ritual consists of verses being recited from the Paginae Caritas (pages of charity), and finely ground up Manganese Neutronate powder (n+2O6Mn) being burnt. Neutronium is rare, and is valuable on the stock market. Others use protic acid (H2pO4) as a less expensive method. However, protium is not cheap either, because it is so light it floats up to the upper atmosphere of Unistarch where it is quickly ejected into space due to Shraak Primean Wind.

The caritas summum has a complicated rank system, shown in this table. To advance in rank, a Waterbe must undergo three stages. First they must be seperatied from Waterbien cuture, symbolic of how they have left their current rank. Then, they must go through a series of challenges, mainly combat based, symbolic of the movement from a low rank to a high rank. Finally, they are sent back into the caritas summun and celebrated.

Rank Waterbe Overseen during Rituals Number at this rank Amount of control from the Emperor
Emperor Thirty five billion One 100%
Planetary Caritas Leader Ten billion Three 90%
State Overseer One hundred million Three hundred fifty 81%
City Overseer One million 35 thousand 72.9%
Regional Overseer Ten thousand 3 million, 500 thousand 65.61%
Church Overseer One hundred 350 million 59.05%
Worshipper One 35 billion 53.14%

Place of WorshipEdit

(main article: Charitatis locum)

There is a Charitatis Locum (house of charity) on almost every street corner now because of increasing believers. It is lavishly decorated, and has recreational areas for after rituals. Social events such as parties and professional events such as business conferences are permitted to be held there.