The Błysny Dyrąg System is the Chompoid's solar system. There are seven planets within it.

Stellar AnalysisEdit

Błysny Dyrąg is a unique star because it is the the only star that the Chompoids have cities orbiting. This is because the Chompoids have not yet discovered interplanetary travel, much less interstellar travel.

Planetary AnalysisEdit

There are seven planets in the Błysny Dyrąg system. They are:

  • Błysny Dyrąg 1 is a 'hot jupiter' like gas dwarf. It is much larger than its mass would suggest as the high temperature decreases the density of the atmosphere.
  • Dółobdtwo is the planet where the Chompers live. This is currently the only world which Chompers inhabit as the Chompers currently are unable to colonise other worlds. It has an average surface temperature of 15 degrees. Most of the surface is either covered in deep oceans or dense green foliage.
  • Fegahuc is a large terrestrial world with three moons. It has a temperature of -17 degrees, despite its thick, toxic atmosphere.
  • Odluko is a large terrestial planet with a ring and a single moon.
  • Zesel is a large, ice covered world. It is extremely far out, so some theorise it came from a different solar system. It is also possible it used to be an ocean world. It also has a highly eccentric orbit, although it wouldn't be considered comet-like.